Interactive Online Class


The Online Program

For the Spring 2020 session, we are offering The Music Class® At Home.  These are safe, INTERACTIVE and fun at-home classes! Through an online platform, families will be able to communicate with their instructor and the other members of their class for a truly interactive and engaging at-home option! Classes meet at the same times as listed in the spring schedule to foster the same strong sense of community that you get from an in-person class!

A Proven Program

The Music Class® At Home program has been tested and proven successful for months starting with children in Asia and then across the globe to Atlanta!  Here is a wonderful video clip to get a glimpse:

What changes about class?

The class length will be 30 minutes as this is the best recommended time for an interactive online class for this age group.  Tuition will be reduced by $25 for the spring session and siblings are included for free.   You will click a link to attend class which will be emailed to you.  We will only use items available around the house as instruments and you will be sent a short list of items to collect before class via email.

What will be the same?

Class size will remain the same  - small to have a fun, high quality experience.  Your materials (song book and music) will be the same but they will be mailed to you.  You will see your classmates and your usual teacher via the online platform. 

Is this too much screen time?

The World Health Organization and American Academy of Pediatrics make a clear distinction between passive screen time and active screen time.   The Music Class® At Home virtual classes are an interactive time for you and your child, together with your regular teacher and classmates. Your teacher will still lead stand up songs, ask for substitutions ideas, and tonal and rhythm patterns. Just like a regular class we expect grownups at home to fully participate! The Music Class’ virtual classes do not fall under the category of passive screen time. 

What activities will we do?

You can expect to enjoy the same fun and engaging activities that we do in our in-person classes! Using instruments, simple household items and innovative lesson plans, we'll be able to sing, shake, dance and play all from the comfort of our homes! 

Will infants benefit?

Our goal is to facilitate the same learning experience for infants as we do in live classes, by leading parents on how and why to do the activities with their children. Virtual classes can work really well for infants with a little grown-up enthusiasm! Just like in live classes, the educational value (and fun!) for babies comes from their interaction with their caregiver.