A Little Note For You

A Little Note For You

A Little Note For YouA Little Note For YouA Little Note For You

A music class for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers in the Fort Wayne area!

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Spring 2020 classes


Registration is open for the Spring Session!

We will be singing, playing, and moving to The Elephant Collection!

Remaining winter classes are scheduled for  4/7 -4/18.  

Spring session starts 4/21!

Due to COVID-19, all sessions are now being offered as interactive online classes.


A Fun Musical Education!

  • Featuring The Music Class®  song book and CD's utilized worldwide

  • Fun and memorable learning experience for parents/caregivers and children

  • Classes are for children ages 6 weeks through and including 5 years old 

  • Play instruments, sing, and move to a wide range of scales, rhythms and music varieties


  • Increase musical development during the critical early childhood years


Quality Time Together and New Activities!

  • New lesson plan each week which also incorporates routines 

  • Each Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall is a different collection of songs 

  • Small class size offers babies a safe environment and the toddlers / preschoolers an opportunity to be musically creative

  • Wide variety of safe, age appropriate, and sanitized instruments

  • Parents love our nationally acclaimed CD's

  • You will leave with new songs and activities to do with your child (children) all week long!

The Music Class®

Check out a video of The Music Class® in Atlanta!  The concept of the class and the music are used in our program.  A Little Note For You, LLC is independently owned, however, all the music used is purchased from The Music Class®.   The music  has received awards such as The National Parenting Publications NAPPA GOLD award and National Parenting Center Seal of Aprroval award.

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